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Radio Ad Archive

So, you've heard one of our ads on the radio, and just can't resist hearing it again? You've come to the right place: the Friendship Radio Spot Archive. Just click on one of the descriptive links below to re-experience our attempt at taking you to radio wonderland. We write and produce our own ads, and we use a wide variety of employees for voice talent, so you might just hear someone you know! Each is dated, and only the ones marked "current" are accurate and up-to-date. Enjoy!

Current Ads running on local stations

Friendship State Bank: Kidsave! 2014

Friendship State Bank: Ten-Year Tenure

Friendship Insurance: Andy in Batesville

2013 Ads

Friendship Insurance: Sassy (or is it Savvy) Saving Money on Insurance

Friendship State Bank: App Tech and That New Gazebo

Friendship State Bank: Kid$ave! 2013

2012 Ads

Friendship State Bank: 100th Anniversary - In The Beginning

Friendship State Bank: Kid$ave! 2012

2011 Ads

Friendship State Bank: What's in a Name? Friendship.

Friendship State Bank: Terrific Teller 2011

Friendship State Bank (Batesville): Picnic in July

Friendship State Bank: Kid$ave! 2011

2010 Ads

Friendship State Bank: Online Mortgages are Easy!

Friendship State Bank: Kid$ave! 2010 - Tangle Toy

Friendship Insurance: Tami Thayer in Vevay

Friendship State Bank: Batesville's First Anniversary Party

2009 Ads

Friendship State Bank: History Since 1912 - Dateline! Dateline!

Friendship Insurance: Rely on Friendship!

Friendship State Bank: Thanks for A Great Grand Opening!

Friendship State Bank: Grand Opening in Batesville

Friendship Insurance / Bank: Grand Opening in Batesville

No MP3 ads prior to 2008! Times sure change fast!