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Scholarship Information Available Online - April 1 Deadline

Our annual Wilkie and James W. Lemon Scholarship application is available here. Six students from six area schools will receive a $1,000 scholarship as our way of giving back to those who will lead us in the future.

Join us for our 14th Annual Kid$ave events in April

Kid$ave is back again in April. Join us for our 14th annual event. Click here for full details, or stop in any branch.

Help Prevent Fraud - Enroll your debit cards in smsGuardian

How does smsGuardian help protect you from fraud?
There are certain activities that fraudsters attempt because they are lower risk and usually more successful. When the activities listed below occur, you will receive a text message. If you were using the card, just ignore the text. If you receive a text message and you did NOT use the card, please alert us as soon as possible so we can protect the funds in your account.

Just click here to get started.

Here are the activities that we monitor and alert you for:

  1. International Transactions
  2. Fuel Transactions
  3. Authorizations Greater than $300
  4. 5 or More Transactions in 24 Hours
  5. Card-Not-Present Transactions
  6. Declined Authorizations

Privacy Notice pdf File

Dee Livingston: Mortgage Loan Originator

Click here to learn about how Dee can come to you to help get your mortgage on track!

Mobile Banking - Updated Friendship App Available

Enjoy mobile banking bliss; pay bills in the park; transfer funds while pumping gas: it's easy. iPhone's click here. Android users click here.

Who's going to be our New Business of the Month?

Watch for the New Business of the Month, every month. Do you have a business? A favorite business? Click here to let us know via email.

Check out the photo galleries from our
100th Anniversary Series of Saturday Celebrations

Six straight Saturdays this summer meant six Saturdays of fun at Friendship. Everyone enjoyed 2 jumbo bounce houses for the kids, good food from Lil' Charlie's, give-aways galore, and the balloon-twisting skills of the famous Magical Dan. And, by some miracle, we had sunny Saturdays every week. Check out the gallery page.

Take advantage of the current low rate environment
Begin your mortgage application online - it's easy!

Take your first step towards making the best of the current low rate environment - start your research online HERE. You can learn what to expect, and how to get started on your mortgage application. Then, one of our local loan officers will help you the rest of the way. Start HERE today!

Safe Deposit Boxes Now Available

Safe deposit boxes offer an affordable and secure way of storing critical documents. The safety of our vaults protects items in the event of a personal emergency or tragedy.

Boxes start at less than $1.00 per month, charged annually. Sizes vary by location and range from a 3" high by 5" wide box, to a spacious 10"x10" -- perfect for storing numerous items of value.          

The Friendship State Bank is not liable for any losses due to natural disaster or box damage at The Friendship State Bank. 

The contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT FDIC insured.

Web site is your direct link to investing in US Bonds
Looking for an easy way to buy Savings Bonds?

The US Treasury has a way for you to invest in US Savings Bonds online: Treasury Direct. The site is loaded with information that will answer and all questions you may have about investing in US Savings Bonds, and you can order them online too!

Online listings make it easy for you to learn more
Properties for sale: special pricing on local land

Visit our "Properties for Sale" page today to peruse local listings of available land and houses. Click here: listings page.

In Business? Starting A New Business? Expanding?.... 

The Friendship State Bank supports local and regional businesses -  large and small - with a full line of lending products to satisfy your commercial borrowing needs. Whether it is a new vehicle for your fleet to satisfy growing demand, or the need to add more space, call us up and tell us your story. We know your market and want to help you grow! Call 877-667-5101 and ask for the lender nearest you and your business.

Internet Banking's FREE Bill-Pay is Safe, Secure, and Easy 

The Friendship State Bank's Free Real-Time Internet Banking is the best way to have instant access to your accounts in real time. Our Bill-Pay services is also free and easy to set up. At 44-cents a stamp, the savings can add up fast! Click on the DEMO link under the log-in section at the above right.

No Minimum Balance - No Minimum To Open - No Debit Fees 

The Friendship State Bank Free Business Checking account is
for your business. Enjoy the benefits of FREE Business Checking. Click here for more info.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

The Friendship State Bank offers a no-nonsense Health Savings Account (HSA) designed to save you money, earn you interest and make it easy for you to withdraw funds from your account to pay for your "high deductible health care plan" expenses.

Before you take the HSA plan handed to you by your health insurance provider, consider the terms of our account.

Already participate in an HSA? Ever buy aspirin? Check out this list of HSA Eligible Medical Expenses - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Useful guides to help you with a variety of money matters
Money Management Tools - NEW INFO NOW!

A new collection of Money Management Tools are now available for you to learn from and use. Topics such as Payday Loans = Costly Cash, Knee Deep in Debt, Effective Strategies for Saving, Balancing Your Checkbook, and 7 Steps to Better Money Mangement are now at your fingertips -- find out more here.