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7 Tips for Buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller

Regardless of whether you find car shopping a thrilling or horrifying experience, you are probably looking for the best deal that you can find. Buying from a private seller potentially allows you to get a used vehicle at a lower price but doing so comes with some additional risk and work. Here are a few tips to ensure your car buying experience has a happy ending.
1. Obtain loan pre-qualification. If you require financing for your vehicle purchase, obtain a pre-qualification letter before shopping.  This will ensure your budget is realistic and will show the seller you are a serious buyer. READ ALL TIPS NOW
Backseat view of woman and her dog driving her new-to-her vehicle purchased from a private seller.


Maximize Your Tax Savings with a Prior-Year IRA or HSA Contribution

Time is ticking. May 17, 2021 is the deadline for 2020 contributions to your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

1. If you pay taxes (as opposed to getting a refund), making a contribution to a Traditional IRA or an HSA could lower or eliminate your tax liability – eliminating the taxes you owe or even leading to a refund....

Friendship State Bank Teller Caitlyn points at the wall clock in Batesville reminding people of the importance of making an IRA or HSA contribution prior to filing your taxes.


Financial Prep for Your College Life

Dreaming of independence and freedom after high school is part of the high school experience. As graduation approaches, how prepared do you feel to manage your financial life? It is never too late (or early) to start developing financial skills for life after graduation.

Establishing a relationship with a bank you trust is the foundation for a healthy financial life. READ MORE
Students with backpacks heading to class on a college campus.


Outsmarting P2P Mobile Payment Scammers


The scammers are doing their best to pick your wallet again. This time the fraudsters are using peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payment apps including Venmo, Zelle, and Cash apps to steal our money.

Digital payment methods are not all created equal for fraud prevention and protection. P2P apps are especially risky when not used for their designed purpose. These apps are created by third-party vendors (not banks) to simplify financial transactions between people who know and trust each other.

These apps are helpful tools when cautiously used. READ MORE


Credit Cards vs Personal Loans

There are time when we need (or want) to make a purchase that is more than the cash they have available. Do you wait until you have the money saved, pull out a credit card, or go to the bank for a personal loan?

When should I use a credit card?
Using a credit card can have positive outcomes for disciplined consumers. If used irresponsibly, they can trigger lower credit scores, higher interest rates, and unsecured debt that adds up quickly. READ MORE
Woman making a credit card payment at a local store.



6 Holiday Activities for a Joy-Filled Home

Holiday celebrations may look different this year, but we don’t have to turn green and end the year with a heart that is two sizes too small. Your friends at The Friendship State Bank and Friendship Insurance recently reminisced about their favorite holiday traditions. Here are their top six favorite (and budget friendly) activities for a jolly holiday season at home. 

Teller placing a joy and snowflake decoration on the fireplace mantle.