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6 Insider Tips for Honeymoon Planning

Jody and her husband enjoy the ocean, swimming with the pigs, and feeding the iguanas on their honeymoon.
The honeymoon dates back to the 16th century. The tradition can still be a valuable experience today. A honeymoon provides the opportunity to solidify the identity as a married couple. This time together can start the marriage on a positive note which can set up positive beliefs in the brain about married life according to Psychology Today.
Jody Allee and her husband, Dane, were married in August. They hopped a plane the next morning to the Bahamas for an experience of a lifetime. A highlight included an excursion to Exumas where they snorkeled, fed sting rays, swam with pigs, watched sharks, and feasted on conch salad.

Jody shared her insider tips for planning a great honeymoon getaway without going in debt.

Staying at an all-inclusive resort outside the country can sometimes be less expensive than state-side destinations. Having a current passport will allow you to explore a larger variety of honeymooning options.

“I started saving for our honeymoon as soon as we got engaged,” Jody said.
She admits that she is intentional about saving in general and that was a huge help. She utilized her Christmas Club account as a primary way of saving because the funds can’t be withdrawn until October. Consider setting up automatic electronic deposits to stay on track with your saving goals.

Utilize the wide variety of local and online travel agencies.
“I made sure the honeymoon was all-inclusive and looked to see if the round-trip shuttle was included,” Jody said. “I ended up booking our all-inclusive resort, round-trip airfare, the shuttle to and from the resort, travel insurance and day excursion for $600 less than one of the other agencies I was shopping.”
Jody and Dane began exploring their location options four months prior to the wedding, but waited until the first of August to see if prices dropped.

“Don’t buy the first good deal you see and consider reviews,” Jody shared. “The resort we stayed in was
cheaper and a little more dated than another resort we considered. The other resort was more modern, but had lower guest ratings.”

Rarely does anything go 100% as planned. Pay the extra for travel insurance and always travel with at least two forms of payment. Jody and Dane’s surprise occurred on their first stop –the airport.
They arrived at the airport at 4 a.m. only to discover that the travel agency had not booked Dane’s plane ticket despite confirmation provided two days prior.
“I was pretty upset thinking that we were not going to be able to go on our honeymoon. Thankfully, I decided to bring my credit card because I did not want to use my debit card internationally. The travel agency told me that
if we paid for the ticket up front, they would reimburse us. It was $1500 for his round-trip ticket to keep us on the same flights,” Jody shared.

The rest of the trip went off without a hitch.
A great honeymoon getaway is possible on any budget. It doesn’t matter if it is three days or three weeks. Open that savings account and enjoy exploring your options.

A small honeymooning cabin in the woods.


Honeymoon Your Style

Honeymoon destination possibilities are endless. Get creative and do the activities you both love.
Here are a few ideas.
1. All-Inclusive Travel Package. Are you dreaming of an overseas adventure or a week on the beach?
Team up with a travel agency to plan your trip. An all-inclusive package makes it easy to relax without having to worry if you can afford the day excursion or another umbrella beverage.
It’s already paid for.
2. Road Trip. Do you love the open road and singing along with the radio? Budget in advance for fuel, food, and lodging.

3. Camping. Do you feel most connected in the great outdoors? Pack your hiking shoes and essential gear.
Want to skip the tent?Explore tree house rental options.

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