Service Fees

Effective 9/1/16                                                                   

Fax in per page $0.50
Fax out per page $0.75
Copy of Check (per check) $2.00
Copy of Statement (per statement) $5.00
Check Cashing (non account holder maximum $1000)  
                                                      $0-$500 Check $5.00
                                                    $501-$999 Check $10.00
Stop Payment (per ACH or check)  
                                                            Check Item $20.00
                                                               ACH Item $30.00
Lost Checkbook $30.00
             Refund if found $10.00
Account Research (per hour) $40.00
Coin Counting (customer/non sorted) $10.00
Money Orders  (FREE for customers) $3.00
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Returned deposited item (consumer check) $10.00
Returned deposited item: ACH $25.00
Returned deposited item (commercial) $25.00
Checks returned (Non-sufficient funds) $28.00
Foreign Checks                      Under $1,000 $20.00
                                                   Over $1,000 $55.00
Wire Transfers (Within United States)  
             Customer/Outgoing $10.00
             Non-customer/Outgoing $20.00
             Non-customer/Incoming $20.00
ATM Fees  
           Non- Friendship State Bank ATM $0.50
Overdrafts - We offer an overdraft privilege program for qualifying accounts. At our discretion, we may pay checks written on overdrawn accounts. The fee for this service is $26.00 per item, but the item is paid and the account is saved any fees that may have been incurred for items returned NSF as well as fees imposed by the depositor. Please call or visit any branch for full details and policy disclosures. $26.00
Please read info at left.
Dormant Fees  
Checking Account inactive for 12 months or more $5.00/month
Savings Account inactive for 24 months or more $5.00/month
Money Market Savings Account inactive for 24 months or more $5.00/month