3 Things Your Florist Wishes You Knew about Valentine's Day

We asked Cheryl Druray, florist and owner of Flower of Gifts and Love in Dillsboro, what three things she wished people knew about Valentine's Day. Her message had little to do with flowers, but rather what is in your heart.
1. Valentine's Day is NOT just a romantic holiday for couples.
It is for everyone who holds a place in your heart from age 5 months to 105.

2. It doesn't matter how big or small the thought is that you have for someone.
It is just important that you share that you are thinking about them.

3. Valentine's Day offers a reminder to show others we love them, but...
sharing happiness and acts of love should be a priority year-round.

Cheryl believes that flowers are a great way to spread happiness and share the love in your heart. The message is as important as the flowers you choose. A single carnation in a bud vase can be as meaningful as a dozen roses. She encourages you to spend some time crafting the message you send so that the person knows you care about them.

Remember to place your flower order before February 11th if you have a special flower or arrangement you want to send on Valentine's Day to ensure they will be available. Orders will still be accepted after that date, but your choice of flowers may be limited.