Switch Kit

Make the move to better banking even easier. These documents you can complete and send to your employer and other businesses where you may have electronic payments. These documents will notify them you have changed your deposit account.

Getting Started

Print and complete the “CIP Form” for each individual who will be on the account. All individuals on the account must bring a valid state photo identification (i.e. driver’s license) that includes a current physical address. Find a branch near you. Or complete the online account opening application.
If you use bill pay through your current financial institution, write down the payee information for future reference. Find the “Online Bill Payment Worksheet” enclosed to assist with this process.
This form will notify your employer to reroute your paycheck to your Friendship State Bank account. Ask your employer when the first deposit will occur to your new account.

If you have Social Security direct deposited, please let us know at account opening so we may assist you with the change.
You can use the enclosed “Automatic Payment Switch Form”. Use a separate form for each automatic debit. Once complete, mail this form to the company/business where the payment is processed. Verify with each company what date the change will occur.
Stop payments from your previous account and set up your payees and payment schedule in your new Friendship State Bank Digital and Bill Pay.

Notify your previous bank to close your account. Follow their procedures to close an account.
If you are opening an account in person, bring these completed switch kit forms for review and assistance completing.

Questions? Contact us or call 812-667-5101.