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CDs, IRAs, and HSAs

Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Earn a higher rate of interest for a set term (3 months to 5 years).

  • Three (3) month to five (5) year terms available.
  • Interest may be paid or compounded.
  • Penalty for withdrawing funds prior to maturity.
  •  $500 Minimum to Open
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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
An FDIC-insured account to grow your savings for retirement. 

  • Traditional, SEP, Roth, and Educational Savings IRAs.
  • Interest is compounded daily.
  • $250.00 minimum opening balance.
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Health Savings Account (HSA)
Save for your high deductible health care plan expenses.

  • Monthly Interest Payments.
  • FREE Set-Up.
  • FREE Transactions.
  • Debit Card and Digital BillPay for easy payments to  your health providers.
  • FDIC Insured to $250,000.
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