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Mortgage Loans

Find a mortgage to fit your budget with experienced, reliable, and local lenders.

  • Fixed and adjustable rates.
  • Low down payment options. 
  • Flexible terms. (Up to 30 years.)
  • Prompt credit decision upon submission of completed application and required documentation.  

Down Payment and Closing Costs
Loan application fees may include:
  • Cost of a personal credit report.
  • Cost of an appraisal of the real estate you plan to buy or refinance.

Closing costs may include:
  • Premiums for homeowners and title insurance.
  • Inspection Fees.
  • Loan underwriting.
  • Survey charges.
  • Closing or origination fee (sometimes known as “points”).

We provide a detailed estimate of these costs within three days of the receipt of your mortgage application. 

We also provide a Truth-In-Lending Statement that discloses the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for your loan.

Down Payments

Your down payment will depend on the type of loan. The percentage can vary widely from 0% to 20% down. In general, the larger your down payment, the lower your monthly payment, which is why many homeowners prefer to set aside at least 10% of the purchase price of the home for a down payment.

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