3 Ways to Make Saving Easier

You’ve selected a savings goal and opened a savings account that best fits your needs to limit your temptation to spend. Now, check out these 3 ways to help you stay on track and save even more.

1. Payroll Direct Deposit and Automatic Scheduled Transfers.

We’ve all heard and experienced “out of sight, out of mind.” Have a small portion of your payroll directly deposited to your account and you’re likely to not even notice it is missing.
2. Work Bonuses and Gifts.

Do you receive work bonuses or cash for gifts on special occasions?
Consider making the decision to deposit these funds to your savings this year and see how quickly your balance grows.

3. Loose Coin.

Do you shop with cash? Hold on to the coin you get back and save it in a jar when you empty your pockets or purse. When your jar is full, deposit the coin in your savings account.