6 Tips for Smashing Your Resolutions

Approximately 60 percent of us set goals for the new year, but about only 8 percent successfully achieve them according to inc.com. Goals are invaluable for personal, professional, and financial growth. How do we beat the odds and smash our goals this year?

A few of The Friendship State Bank’s top achievers shared their secrets to successfully completing a goal. Whether you want to save more, advance in your career, improve your health, or tackle a new hobby, these tips can set you on the road to success.

1. Set a goal that is meaningful.
Setting goals and making them happen is no easy task. It will be easier to stay motivated if the goal is something you really want and not just something you think you should do.

2. Be realistic.
Goals should be challenging, but setting the bar too high can lead to disappointment and giving up. For example, you may want to save half of your salary every month. If after evaluating your monthly expenses you don’t have 50 percent left to save, consider what you can do realistically. Is 10 percent or 15 percent doable?

3. Write down the goal and the steps necessary to achieve it.
Neuroscience has shown that when we write something down, we are more likely to remember it. Plus, few will deny that distractions are abundant. Having a visual reminder can help us focus and continue on track to accomplish the goal.

Breaking down larger goals into smaller manageable steps can be valuable in staying motivated. It feels good to check off each step and see your progress. This can be encouraging as you move towards the end goal. And don’t forget to set a deadline. Without time limits, procrastination will creep in. If you are struggling with this step, do an online search for a free SMART Goal template.

4. Review and Reset.
Evaluate your progress from time to time. If it is not going as you envisioned, there is no shame in revising that goal. If you discover it is a challenge to save 10 percent, change it to 5 percent. Then evaluate what changes you might be able and willing to make to increase that percentage in a few months.

5. Ask for Help.
Providing that your goal is an external accomplishment, ask for help. You’ll get there faster, and your achievement can be shared.

6. Celebrate.
This step is just as important as the first. Tell yourself “I did it!” Do something fun to celebrate. Then sit down and create another goal.

Do your resolutions include financial goals? Our loans officers are experts at evaluating finances and helping individuals achieve their goals. They can provide guidance for improving credit scores, paying off debt, owning a home or starting a business. Schedule your appointment today by calling 812-667-5101.