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Loan Pre-Application Checklist

Items needed for a mortgage application.

  • The last 2 years of your W-2 Statements.
  • Pay stubs from the previous 4 weeks.
  • Bank statements from previous two months on all accounts you will use for your down payment.
  • Annual real estate property tax amount.
  • Annual homeowners’ insurance premium cost.
  • If self-employed, the last 2 years of tax returns are required.
  • Purchase contract (if purchasing house/land).
  • Set of building plans and materials list (for construction loan).
  • Copy of deed/legal description.
  • Copy of land contract (if applicable).
  • A list of all assets owned, including: checking and savings accounts, real estate, and
    investments. For deposit and investment accounts, bring the name and address of the financial
    institution(s), the account number(s) and current balance(s).
  • A list of all debts. Include the name and address of the creditor, account number, monthly
    payment and current outstanding balance for each debt.
  • A list of addresses covering the past two years of residency.
  • If applicable, a copy of your divorce decree or separation agreement along with any child
    support or alimony payment history.
  • If an employer is providing a loan or paying closing costs, a copy of the employer’s statement
    detailing the costs paid or terms of the loan.
  • Appraisal fee will be required to be paid at application.
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