Woman on front porch using mobile deposit to deposit a check using her smart phone.

Mobile Deposit

Getting Started

Step One: You must have an active online banking account with The Friendship State Bank. If you don't have an account click the login button at the top right of this page and then enroll, or contact us to get started.
Friendship State Bank mobile app graphic.
Step Two: Download the Friendship State Bank App wherever you download your apps. Already have the app? Make sure it is up to date.

Step Three: Log in and select the deposit option. Follow the prompts and agree to the terms and condition. Your request is then submitted for review. Once approved you are ready to deposit! All deposit approvals will be made within 3 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, mobile deposit is a free service.

  • Personal Checks
  • Business Checks
  • Government/Treasury Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
To qualify for Mobile Deposit, you must have an active Friendship State Bank personal checking account for at least 60 days, be in good account standing, have enrolled in The Friendship State Bank’s Online Banking, and downloaded the Friendship State Bank App to your device.

Once in the app, click on the deposit option and follow the prompts. You will receive an email to letting you know that you are enrolled and are able to deposit checks via the app.
 There is a limit of (30) thirty deposits per month, not to exceed $6,000, and a daily limit of (10) ten deposits with a combined amount not to exceed $1,500. If your needs will be greater than this, exceptions can be made in some cases.

Please call us at 812-667-5101 for further assistance.
Deposits are not immediate, so you will not see your balance adjusted right away. Please allow time for the check to be reviewed and confirmed. Deposits received after 3:00 PM ET and deposits received on holidays or weekends will be credited to your account on the following business day during end of day processing.

For example, deposits received on Friday after 3:00 PM ET or over the weekend will not be credited to your account until Monday evening. Once your check has been submitted through Mobile Deposit and you receive on-screen confirmation. You may not deposit the same check again at one of our offices.
Please sign the back of your check and write “For Mobile Deposit Only.” Mobile Deposit will not accept a check without this notation.
  • Folded or torn corners
  • Front image is not legible
  • Amount entered does not match the amount read by the scanning software
  • Routing and/or account numbers are unclear
  • No camera on the device
  • Image is too dark
  • Improper Endorsement
  • Use Mobile Deposit in a well-lit area to prevent shadows or poor image quality when taking pictures of your check.
  • Smooth out any folds on your check.
  • Place the check on a dark background before taking the picture.
  • Keep hands clear of the check while taking the pictures to avoid pictures of fingers/hands.
  • Once your deposit has been posted, we recommend that you securely store your check for 30 days and then destroy it.