Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Projects

Extra time at home may have led to a deep dive into spring cleaning. Now that the closets are de-cluttered and the windows sparkle, it is time to take an inventory of home projects to complete. Before tackling all those projects yourself, it is a good idea to consider if it is best to do it yourself or to call the professionals. We created a list of DIY project pros and cons to help you decide what the best decision is for your situation.
PRO: You learn a new skill set. Learning a new skill can be rewarding and can come in handy the next time a similar need arises. Online resources for learning new skills are endless -- YouTube, Pinterest, tutorial blogs. You may also have friends or family who can help you grow the specific skill set needed for your project.
CON: DIY projects are time-consuming. There is no denying that projects take time. Do you have the time needed to get it done? Will this project provide an enjoyable escape from the daily grind or does even thinking about it create a sense of dread?
PRO: DIY projects give you a chance to be creative. Doing a project yourself provides the opportunity to flex those creative muscles as well as utilize problem solving skills throughout the project. If you decide to change something mid-way through, you can simply make the change. If you hire a professional, you may not have the option or they may charge you when you change your mind.
CON: Some projects are dangerous. Some projects are riskier than others. Consider the risks, your experience, and confidence. Don’t be afraid to know your limitations and call for help.
PRO: You could save money. It is important to consider all the supplies that will be required to complete the project. If you are refinishing a piece of furniture, the cost of supplies may be significantly less than if you paid to have it refinished.
CON: It could cost you more. If a project requires tools that you don’t own or building supplies, a DIY project could end up costing more than if you hired a professional. Contractors already have the tools on hand and they often get discounts from suppliers due to the volume they buy on a regular basis.
PRO: You may prevent something from going to the landfill. Refinishing a piece of furniture, re-purposing a pallet, or repairing a piece of clothing gives these items new life and saves space in your local landfill.

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Shop Local for Access to Your Local DIY Experts

Shopping your locally-owned hardware, paint, garden, and other supply stores give you the convenience of having what you need close by as well as experts to help you get started.
Local store employees are well-versed in the products they sell and the projects you are about to tackle. Not only can they help you and all the supplies you need, but they can help you determine your best options. Need a paint roller that doesn’t leave lint on the walls? They can show you what you need to save you time and achieve your desired result. Need some tips on how to replace your dryer vent or swap out your bathroom faucet? They can share information you may not have discovered online. Are you attempting to grow brussels sprouts this year and have no idea how to keep them from being devoured by pests? Your local garden center owner can offer advice that could lead to a bountiful harvest.