Thinking Outside the Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box

The average consumer will spend $143.56 on Valentine’s Day according to the National Retail Federation(Opens in a new Window). That doesn’t include the $5.50 average spent on pets. And while your loved one is worth every penny, we wondered if there were more meaningful ways to express love without the added expense.
It’s no surprise that jewelry, chocolate and flowers are top sellers. Interestingly, few of these items made the list of gifts that made a lasting impression on Friendship State Bank and Friendship Insurance employees.

Acts of Service

Consider surprising your loved one by taking over some of their chores for a day. A few acts that made our employees’ lists included:
  • dinner cooked and dishes washed
  • laundry - washed, folded, and put away
  • vehicle washed and detailed
  • vehicle started and warmed up
  • lunch packed

“These are gifts that knock it out of the park for me,” insurance CSR Bobbie Purvis shared.

Handwritten Letters and Cards

You don’t have to be an artist or poet to create a letter or homemade card. Taking the time to transfer the words in your heart to paper is enough to make someone feel like a million bucks.
Teller Kara Hudson received a handwritten letter along with a framed photo that encourages her to this day.
“The words in the letter meant much more than anything money could buy,” Hudson said. “I actually carry it with me and read it if I am ever feeling down!”

Personalized Experience

“One thing that sticks out in my mind was Sweetest Day 2007. My oldest son bought me a beautiful necklace that said mom in it with some butterflies,” insurance agent Tami Thayer said. “My youngest son felt bad for not getting me anything. I told him that it was okay and he didn’t need to buy me anything. So, he opted for the next best thing. He let me race his truck. We are a drag racing family so that year I had the best of both worlds.”
Does your sweetheart love flowers? How about a single rose in their favorite color, personally delivered? Would your kids be excited for a breakfast (or dinner) of heart-shaped pancakes? Would your spouse be overjoyed if you joined them at the gym or provided a quiet space for them to enjoy some alone time and self-care?
Knowing your sweetheart, family member, or fur-iend is the key to creating a special day and meaningful gift anytime during the year.