6 Holiday Activities for a Joy Filled Home

Holiday celebrations may look different this year, but we don’t have to turn green and end the year with a heart that is two sizes too small. Your friends at The Friendship State Bank and Friendship Insurance recently reminisced about their favorite holiday traditions. Here are their top six favorite activities for a jolly holiday season at home.
Bake cookies for Santa. This tradition began for Branch Manager Chris Stewart when her children were young.

“It started when the kids were little and it was just a mess. They ate as much icing as they put on the cookies and I am quite certain they licked the cookies,” said Chris. “I assumed as they got older the tradition would pass, but every year they still expect to make cookies and decorate them. I am grateful they still enjoy coming together as a family to do something as simple as making cookies.”
Consider baking an extra batch of cookies. Loan Officer Cathy Cutter makes cookies and candy with her family each year to share with family, friends, and coworkers. Deliver a plate to your local fire department, a neighbor who is working overtime, the staff at the nearby nursing home, or a friend who is feeling blue. If possible, break out your favorite Christmas carol and sing when delivering.
Enjoy holiday reading. Reading individually or as a family, silently or aloud, can be a great escape without having to leave the house. Head to the library to stock up or dig out your favorites.
“Every year we set our Christmas books on a shelf close to our tree,” said Head Teller Ashley Webster. “My family loves to read The Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.”

If you are unable to read in person with grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or others, consider scheduling a video or phone call to read a story. Or start a virtual holiday book club with a few friends.

Have a holiday movie marathon. Holiday movie options are endless from comedies to dramas, musicals to action, black-and-white classics to the latest Netflix releases. Have everyone select a movie, make your favorite movie snacks, put on the most comfortable attire from your closet, and grab a cozy blanket.
Include those outside your household by inviting them to watch the movie at the same time. Schedule a video or phone call following the movie to talk about what you enjoyed most. Share where you laughed the hardest, shed a few tears, or wrote down a memorable quote.
Plan a game night. Do you know where your board games are? Dig them out of the back of the closet or grab a deck of cards from the drawer. Internal Auditor/Accountant Bill Caudill enjoys playing Euchre while Christmas tunes play in the background.
Host a virtual game night with other friends and family by hopping on a video call. Many traditional games can be played with folks at another location using the boards and cards you have in your home. Many of these games also have online options to play with friends and family over distance.
Get outside. Winter is a great time to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. We know it is good for physical and mental health, so layer up and go outdoors. Human Resources Specialist Heather Davies’ favorite holiday activities still include sledding. If there is snow on the ground, grab the sled, and find a hill. Hike a trail, play a game of football, tag, or capture the flag. Run with the dog or sing around a fire. Then head inside for your favorite mug filled with hot cocoa.
Open a Kid$ave Account, Christmas Club Account, or Individual Retirement Account. Embracing holiday activities at home may leave you with extra cash this season. Celebrate and grow your savings by putting that extra cash in a designated savings account for kids, next Christmas, or retirement. Your friends at The Friendship State Bank would love to help you get started right from your home. Give us a call at 812-667-5101 or email us at info@friendshipstatebank.com and a Friendship team member will be in touch to help you get started.
May this season find your home filled with hope, joy, and good cheer.

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