College Prep for Your Bank Accounts

Graduation may still be a few months away, but you are probably already dreaming of dorm life, new friends and all the new adventures you will have. Are your bank accounts as prepared as you are for these new adventures?

Unlike preparing for the SAT, preparing your accounts is easy. Simply review the information below and check it off as you go. Need help? Contact your friendly banker. They are happy to help ensure your accounts are ready.

  • My bank has my current phone number and address.

  • I have a checking account for weekly and monthly expenses.

  • I have a savings account to save for large semester expenses (books, tuition, room and board).

  • I have a debit card and know my PIN.

  • I know what to do if my debit card is lost or stolen.

  • I know the daily purchase and cash withdrawal limits for my debit card.

  • I know where to withdraw cash with little or no fees.

  • I have online banking and have downloaded my bank’s mobile app.

  • I know how check my account balance, transfer funds and pay bills using online banking or app.

  • I know how to track my deposits and withdrawals using an app or checkbook register to reconcile my monthly statements and I am signed up to receive e-statements.

  • I have signed up for any free fraud monitoring services my bank may offer.

  • I know what to do if I find an unauthorized charge on my account.

  • I know my bank’s routing number and my account number for direct deposits or automatic withdrawals.