Close up of three individuals wearing black and white striped shirts and holding money bags.

3 Fraud Fighting Tools

The thieves that try to trick you into giving them your money are clever, but your smarter. Use these  tools to put fraudsters in their place.
1. Bank Debit Card and Credit Card Fraud Prevention
Stop fraud in its tracks with bank debit card fraud monitoring. Be sure you understand what your bank and credit card companies offer to detect potential fraud on your accounts. Learn more about the Friendship Debit Card Fraud Center here. 
2. Digital Banking
Reviewing your monthly bank statements is great, but reviewing your accounts online weekly is better. This will alert you to any unauthorized activity, stop a fraudster from continued activity, and help you resolve the unauthorized activity before your monthly statement is even issued. Utilize balance and activity alerts for an added layer of protection.
3. Free Credit Reports
Schedule a reminder to request a free copy of your credit report after the first of the year. Visit in a new Window) to access your free copy to verify the information is correct.