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Tips for Building and Maintaining Solid Credit
These 7 tips can help you build and sustain good credit. READ TIPS NOW.

4 Easy Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Save
Paying off your mortgage early may seem like a daunting; it is more realistic than you think. Learn how now.
Loan officer and customer (two women) sign loan documents for customers first home purchase.

Why You Need a Loan Officer Before You Need a Loan
Kayla  journey towards home ownership began by building a relationship with a banker and growing her financial knowledge. Read Kayla's Story Now

Buying Land at Age 19
And at age 19, Trey invested in 10 acres of undeveloped land in Southeastern Indiana. Read his story now
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7 Tips for Buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller
Buying from a private seller comes with some additional risks and work. This tips ensure your car buying experience has a happy ending. Get Tips Now

Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans
Most people need (or want) to make a purchase at some point that is more than the cash they have available. Do you wait until you have the money saved, pull out a credit card, or go to the bank for a personal loan? Learn More Now
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3 Easy Ways to Establish Credit
Establishing credit is becoming even more important in today’s culture. And it  is beneficial for so much more than qualifying for a credit card, vehicle loan, or home loan. Start Establishing Your Credit Now