Woman looking at her digital banking on a smartphone outside in the snow. A decorated Christmas tree is in the background.

7 Holiday Banking Tools for You

The holidays are for celebrating, making memories, and enjoying others’ company. No one has time for financial stress. Utilize these digital banking tools to easily manage your finances this holiday season.
7. Debit Card
Debit cards are a great way to purchase holiday gifts and supplies and avoid the temptation to overspend. Before hitting the holiday sales, review your debit card’s daily security limits. Also know what to expect if a debit card transaction is flagged as suspicious because it is outside your normal spending activity.
6. Digital Banking App
Digital banking gives you the ability to bank on the go. View your account balances, see transaction, and transfer funds.
5. Balance Alerts
It is easy to lose track of spending. Sign up for balance alerts to be sent to your phone or email for an easy way to stay on track and avoid overdraft fees. Balance alerts can be set up through your online banking account.
4. BillPay
Who has time to sit down and write out bills or go buy more stamps this season. BillPay allows you to pay your bills all from one place. You may also schedule those payments in advance to coincide with your payroll and usual bill payment schedule.
3. Pay-a-Person
Pay-a-person is a great option when paying for joint gifts or your sister who picked up that great deal for you on Black Friday. It is an easy way to send a monetary gift or donation without worrying about a check getting lost in the mail or thrown away with a pile of wrapping paper. Payments can be sent electronically to individuals. We can also mail a check if you prefer.
2. Mobile Deposit
Mobile deposit is a feature within your mobile banking app. It is handy to activate this feature before you start receiving those Christmas cards with checks from Grandma and Aunt Betty. No more trying to get to the bank before they are misplaced.
1. Christmas Club Account.
This may not help you this year, but it could relieve stress for next year's holidays. Saving for the holidays all year could eliminate holiday credit card debt and unnecessary finance charges.