Woman looking at her digital banking on a smartphone outside in the snow. A decorated Christmas tree is in the background.

7 Essential Holiday Banking Tools

The holidays are for celebrating, making memories, enjoying others’ company, and not for financial stress. Use these digital banking tools and easily manage your finances for a stress-free holiday.

1. Christmas Club Account:

  • Planning for the Future: Open a Christmas Club Account as a proactive measure for next year. Planning ahead can eliminate holiday credit card debt and unnecessary finance charges.

2. Mobile Deposit:

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Mobile deposit is a feature within your digital banking app. Activate this feature before you start receiving those Christmas cards with checks from Grandma and Aunt Betty. No more rushing to the bank before they are misplaced. 

3. Travel Alerts:

  • Smooth Travel Experience: Notify your bank of any travel plans to prevent interruptions in your debit card usage. Create a travel alert within your banking app (look for the airplane icon), by calling 812-667-5101, or stopping in a branch.

4. BillPay:

  • Streamlined Bill Management: BillPay simplifies bill management by allowing you to pay bills from a centralized platform, with the added benefit of scheduling payments in advance. No more writing out checks or logging in to multiple websites. 

5. Balance Alerts:

6. Digital Banking App:

  • Banking on the Go: Your digital banking app enables you to manage your accounts, view transactions, transfer funds, and enhance security measures like turning off a lost or stolen debit card. Download your Friendship State Bank app now. 

7. Digital Wallet:

  • Secure and Convenient Payments: Add your debit card to your smartphone's digital wallet for added convenience and security. Bonus: You are more likely to curb overspending when you pay with a debit card compared to credit cards.

Additional Tips:

  • Security Measures: Keep your digital banking tools secure with strong passwords, biometric authentication, and regular account monitoring. Respond immediately to texts and alerts about suspicious activity on your debit card. 

  • Customer Support: Reach out to your Friendship customer support team if you encounter any issues or have questions about utilizing these tools effectively. Call 812-667-5101, start a chat in your banking app, or visit a branch